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Prevention Package (3 Consults)


Parenting is our most important job, but many of us find it much more difficult than we expected.  In a culture which assumes that consequences or time-outs are the answer to every problem, it is difficult to find our way when things aren’t working for our children. Rather than throwing consequences at symptoms, Pamela focuses on uncovering the roots of problem behaviour so that trouble can be understood, prevented, and attended to at its source. With a strong emphasis on restoring, building, and preserving the relationships between parents and children, Pamela walks the maze of parenting with her clients.

These appointments are for parent(s) and other care providers. It is best if your child is NOT made aware that you are seeking help to understand them.  I do not work with children directly, but only through the child’s adult care-takers. It is best if your child is not made aware of the nature of your visit.


About the Prevention Package:


The Prevention Package is meant for those who have already had an initial consultation.  This is a good plan for parents of very young children, or those with older children or teens who are not experiencing overwhelming difficulties, but simply want to do all in their power to understand their kids' developmental needs - what to expect, what constitutes the normal noise and mess of childhood, what are trouble signs, how can we do our best to prevent long-term difficulties.  These are the kinds of questions we'll be addressing.  We'll make a start at evaluating your child/ren's present needs, and  take a close look at the growing child-parent relationship and  your current parenting practices in order to make the best decisions going forward.   Together we will work to create the conditions your child/ren need to provide their best chance to flourish and reach their full developmental potential.   Three sessions gives you a chance to go home and evaluate, try some things,  and come back for some perspective on what is working and what isn't.  



About Virtual Consultations

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