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Pamela Whyte

Parent Consultant and Coach

Pamela gives hope and insight to parents, empowering them to be the parents their children and teens need.  She makes sense of the roots of troubling behaviour, and provides the information parents need to help them form, restore, and maintain the relationships kids need in order to thrive.  Pamela helps parents to understand their children to give them their best chance to develop into all they were meant to be.

Formerly a founding faculty member of the Neufeld Institute,  Pamela studied with Dr. Gordon Neufeld for over twenty years, and works from his developmental, attachment-based approach.  She was a program director, course creator, mentor, and trainer with the Neufeld Institute, and brings this wealth of experience and knowledge into her private practice.

Pamela has a blended family of six children including adoptive, foster, bio and step-children and well knows the wonderful and often messy challenges of the modern family. 


Originally from Canada, Pamela now lives in Seattle with her wife and family.



Pamela is not a certified counsellor, social worker or therapist, but is a consultant.


Pamela has helped me with her knowledge and passion to be the best mom I can be for my son.

My son experiences now what many generations in my family did not have: unconditional love and acceptance.  Thank you Pamela...


Wietske Brunzema,

Montreal, Canada



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