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Is parenting harder than it should be?  Do you love your kids like crazy but fall into bed too often feeling worn out, useless, frustrated or confused? 

You are not alone.

I work with knowledgeable, loving, committed, exhausted parents like you every day. Parents who have tried all the common parenting recommendations of our time only to find that they are spending their limited energy on practices that simply aren't working for them. 


I can help you find a better way - we'll look deeper to discover the root dynamics that are causing the behaviour that is so difficult for us, as parents, to deal with.  

Once you understand WHY your kids do what they do, (or don't do what they don't do!) I can help you put your limited energy where it will really make a difference both for you, and for them.  I can help you turn things around, restoring your confidence, and helping you to give your kids their best chance at becoming the kind of adults you long for them to be.

If you're interested in a little taste of the insight I provide, take a look at my free half hour instructional seminar on...

Video Link Here.

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