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Insight, Confidence, Hope.

Did you head into parenting full of confidence, but are finding yourself left reeling by how much harder this is than you expected?  Maybe your first two kids were a breeze, but you are suddenly at a loss with number three.  Perhaps everything seems to be okay, but you are worried about whether you are providing the best foundation for your child's future. Perhaps all was going just fine until your child hit the teen years.  We all want our kids to grow into empowered, loving, independent, responsible, passionate, compassionate adults.  Our goals are clear, but getting there can be a more challenging journey than foreseen. 


I provide the knowledge and insight that will give you back your confidence as a parent or caregiver.   Whether you are feeling just a bit lost or are finding yourself feeling frustrated and hopeless more often than you would like, I can compassionately help you to find your way.

In our consultations I will make sense of your child - explaining what is driving the behaviour that is challenging you, and giving you insight into what healthy development looks like, and how to best support it.  My years as a founding faculty member of the Neufeld Institute provided me with experience teaching the Neufeld approach to both parents and professionals, and training others to do the same.  I am delighted to bring Dr. Neufeld's powerful material to my private practice.  I provide consulting for parents and caregivers all over the world via a secure virtual meeting platform. I also teach courses and give presentations for groups of parents and professionals.

I help parents worldwide

via secure virtual platform

I consult regarding aggression, anxiety, attention problems, defiance, oppositionality, and other common parenting challenges.  I have been working with this material for twenty-five years, am an adoptive, foster, step, and bio mother of six children aged 9- mid-20s, and I well know how hard every-day parenting can be.


I empower parents - helping you to understand the roots of your child's behaviour so you can make the changes that can create the foundation your child needs in order to thrive.  My approach is simple, though not always easy, and can restore, deepen, and maintain your relationship with your child.


I also love to meet with parents preventatively - before problems occur.  Giving you the confidence you need to provide your child's best start is my goal. 


I don't meet with children, but work with directly with you, empowering you to stay in the lead with your own child.

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I love to write, but I don't do so often enough.  If you follow me on facebook you'll be able to take advantage of my rants that don't quite get polished enough to make it onto my blog.  I also post upcoming courses and presentations, special consulting offers, links to interesting posts or articles, stories, and ocassionally pictures of my kids or my bunnies.  I would love to see you there!


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You can take Neufeld Courses covering a wide variety of topics.  Take a self-paced or online course through the Neufeld Institute website - you can consult with me as you go for ideas about application in your family. There are more than 20 courses on a variety of topics.  Topics include: Making sense of Preschoolers, Making Sense of Aggression, Making Sense of Anxiety, Making Sense of Attention Problems, Alpha Children - their making and unmaking, Making Sense of Adolescence, and many more.  



Pamela Whyte has really helped me to work through some of the more challenging elements of parenting. She builds an empathetic framework for creating deeper understanding into challenging behavior and offers practical language and simple applications that just make sense, she's a gem!


Sarah Mclachlan

Musician and Mother,

Vancouver, Canada




I first met Pamela as a teacher and through her passion and deep knowledge, I felt sparked to never stop learning about parenting, attachment, and child development. 


But as a parent of three children, my husband and I turned to Pamela to help us better understand our children and find a way to parent together. With compassion, humor (lots of humor, Pamela is funny), and wisdom, Pamela provided us with the insight into how and why our children behaved the way they do. With this insight, my husband and I could parent with more confidence, as well as kindness toward our children and ourselves.


As a professional parent coach, I regard Pamela as one the best in the field. Her voice is needed in our parenting culture more than ever


Meghan Leahy

Mother,Parenting Coach, and Washington Post columnist


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